Thursday, 23 June 2016

How social signal checker Influence social signals?

Before knowing about Social Signals Checker let us discuss what Social Signal is? Social Signals are a new Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Signals in the form of like, tweet, share, comment, views, +1s etc. are examples of Social Media. These Signals help in the ranking of different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumbler, LinkedIn etc. Google gives high value to the appearance of Social Media and no penalty is charged for using these Signals for ranking. People prefer to visit those sites that are eye catching. To drive more Traffic you need to spread your sites in different social media. Your websites ranking will increase, according to the Traffic. 

social signal checker

For every work to be perfect there is a great need to check the work after completion, in the same manner for Social Signal is the Social Signal Checker. It is one of the most important tools for every Business. It helps in tracking the growth of various Social Signals. Social Signals play a vital role for a website to get easily high ranks in the search. People have increased the demand for Social signals. In order to track the performance of various Social sites we use this Signal checker.

Which Social platforms you can check by using Social tool?

Frankly at present this checking tool allows to track your likes, comments and shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus. All the activities performed by these social apps are checked by the Signal checker. There are various ways by which these Social Signal Checker checks various Social Signals on social websites. You can check the number of times your URL has been shared by the users. This increases the communication with the users, online presence of the page and helps in positive ranking of the website on search engines.

Follow the suggestions below and see the drastic changes in the revenue of your Business. 

• This tool helps in pulling the information of various social media pages, giving you the vision to check the number of likes, shares and comments on Facebook, amount of tweets on Twitter and number of + 1s in Google plus.

 • It helps in determining the strength of social presence by using this Signal Checker. Social Signals help to provide ranking of social sites

• Increases the brand visibility before customers. If you are able to be find by people you can easily be linked and this linking facility helps in ranking of the products.


Social Signals have travelled a long way to affect the SEO over the duration of 1.5 years. To check Social Signals is also a very important work for getting the best results for the Business. These Social Signals indicate the level of service which the Business is provided to its customers.

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