Saturday, 9 July 2016

What are the Key Features of Social Signal Checker?

In the present scenario of the market, the social signals play the major role for SEO as the search engines are giving more priority to the social media attention. You can check your site popularity with social signals checker. It will rate your site performance from the traffic which you are getting from LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and so on. As it is a bit difficult for a marketer to maintain the official website so they are using various social sites pages to promote their product. Since it is easy for even a new marketer to stay active in social sites using advanced marketing tools and all these efforts will take your page to be ranked by search engines.


We can say social signals are all together attention such as likes, comments, tweet, retweet, share and etc. On the other hand, it is also important for marketers to get a high-quality social signal providers so that these signals will be helpful for your site to be ranked. The social signal has made somewhat easy to check all the traffic that different social media sites are getting and get ranked by search engines. We are giving much emphasize on search engine rank as it will help to strengthen the brand loyalty.

Features of social checkers

Here are the few awesome features of social signals checker which will help in business efforts

The primary thing a marketer should know the things which will raise your social signals. As it takes all the engagements of your socials site like share, tweets, retweets, likes, tags, share and so on. The marketer should find the way to get all this traffic from different sites. Even if it is not possible for a marketer to do all this manually then should go for various marketing tools to keep active your business pages.

Exact number of social signals:
The marketer should know how much engagement is actually required to rank your site. As it will take all the accounts engagement so it is better to focus on all the business pages and improve the performance if a particular page is not getting a healthy engagement.

Apart from engagement:
The different search engines consider other factors to rank a website like which content you have bookmarked and recommending a friend a particular product. All these activities are also taken while checking social signal.

While sharing your website link on a different social media site, make sure for the visitors that they land on a secured page. Describe briefly about your product and link all the social site buttons on your website so that visitors get connected easily.

Hence, a social signals providers must ensure all these features while they are selling a social signal checker to any marketer.

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